The Ancient Teachings Of God's Warriors

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✝️ Did You Ever Ask Yourself How Does It Feel Like To Be A Warrior Of God?

⬇️You've probably been called by God if you've experienced this⬇️

See, God doesn't really bring peace to the strongest of us, at least...

Not in the beginning, because..

The strongest of us, need to carry the heaviest burdens, lead the people under Him.

You will understand me when I say...

You've probably suffered a lot, you've been broken, you've been backstabbed, YOU FEEL like you actually walked in the valleys of shadows of death.

Maybe even your family sees you as the black sheep in the herd, and...

YOU always had this feeling, you were made for more, because the responsibility you felt towards helping others was always HIGH.

You probably even feel the energy when you're reading this, and I'm here to tell you...

What you've been feeling throughout your life is real, and...

YOU are being called upon.

And you may ask called upon WHAT?

Well, everyone can become a Man Of God, but...

Not everyone has the strength to become a Warrior Of God.

You are being called upon onto your higher destiny, especially in the troubling times like the modern age where God and faith and morals are being laughed at.

You probably know all the weakest links of your family, and I'm here to tell you that...

YOU are the one that's going to break all the generational curses, for the future generations to thrive and ultimately change the world.

You probably see the devils works when you look around..

All the weak people being tempted by the quick pleasures..

While the devil is promoting comfort for the price of people's dreams, while they're being manipulated further away from God..

Little by little...

Day by day...

You see it with your friends, you see it with your family, you see it with people on a daily basis..

Look around yourself and realize...

That the responsibility is on YOU, because you're the ones that sees it.

God gave you the gift of strength, perseverance and sight.

So with that comes a great responsibility, and you cannot change the world, but...

You can inspire other people by being that strength to your family, friends and all the other people.

Even Jesus didn't change the world at first, he healed one person at a time and in time the world started talking.

In times of war between the God and the devil, we don't only need Men Of God...

We need our warriors to assemble, so....

Know that The Holy Bible is your God given truth, but just imagine if you could focus a part of that energy into the teachings that would bring that Warrior out.

I made this practice as simple as possible, for everyone to use.

If you have even the slightest doubt, know that I was an addict before, the devil got me and almost killed me, but..

God saved me, and if The Bible is my world, The Ancient Teachings are my fortress.

This is not a product to be read, this is a PRACTICE to be used.

You will find inside the 13 bible verses that I call the 13 commandments, because they are used to always anchor you in the Faith of a God's warrior.


You will find the 13 prayers that were specifically crafted to ALWAYS FIND and NEVER LOSE the strength of a warrior.

Every morning when you'll wake up and every night you'll go to sleep, you'll know and feel what your DESTINY is.

You'll be a lot less tempted and a lot more focused on the things that matter.


You will find the 26 specifically crafted question that will make it easier for you to talk with God.

The purpose of these questions is that you get to experience yourself more and become a better version of yourself under Gods light.

You will eliminate your wrong-doings, you will understand your sins better and help eliminate those, and best of all....

You will see exactly where the devil is trying to attack you.

Imagine now waking up every single day with a feeling that God is calling to you.

Waking up purposeful.

Waking up focused on the mission you have during the day.

More than Men Of God in these times, we need Warriors.

In the world full of devils temptations and weak men...

Be the strong mission-driven one.

Be the one that walks with FAITH.

Be the one that people see and think;

''I want to become such a man.''

Make your friends look up to you.

Make your wife grateful to have you, but most of all...

Make your family safe and provided for and change the world one person at a time.

The Ancient Teachings are the way to become God's ultimate warrior.

The power is for you to receive it, just...

Take the step.

Bonus PRODUCT 1: The Hero's Journey

I cannot tell you enough what I would do to get this book 10 years ago.

Modern times are killing the traditional men and I specifically wrote this book to try and battle the ‘’modern feminine man’.

I was that weak man before, I admit it and have no shame towards it…
That weak man sent me on a path to explore what truly transforms a man into a Hero.

In this 60 page book you will find the path every man takes to become a hero in his journey.

This book was made to last a lifetime. You will see exactly where you stand and the path that is before you. 

Men are lost in modern times because they’re tempted by too many things. 

Our natural state was never being lost.

This book will show you the way of every man and you will even start seeing through other men.

Special PRODUCT 3: Prayer Journal

Self-reflection is probably the most powerful skill you can have. With it you can connect with God better, become a better person, realize your true potential and change your life.

That's why I'm actually giving you a prayer journal. Download it once and copy it how many times you want.

Share it with your family and friends.

But this is a perfect tool that you can work on daily and make sure you don't lose track with God.

⚔️ Join The Brotherhood⚔️

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The Ancient Teachings Of God's Warriors

40 ratings
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